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This site's main language is Polish. It is about the small attractive town of Lubniewice in the province of Lubuskie, western Poland. In Polish, because of its beautiful lakes and forests, Lubniewice is known as the Pearl of the Lubuskie Region. Probably of most interest to English-speakers will be the Photo gallery section, which consists of exactly one hundred pictures of Lubniewice. The easiest way to access these photographs is to click on one of the thumbnail images below and then click on the small purple arrow, which can be seen on each page. Do please contact us if you have any questions about individual pictures, impartial advice on local accommodation and the best places to stay in the region, or about the town of Lubniewice itself.

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the Town Hall in Lubniewice

the bridge across the lake to the castle

Rusalka Restaurant

restaurant in main square

boat on one of the lakes

one of the main streets of lubniewice

castle Park Lubniewice

polish food being served outdoors

Bookshop and tourist information

summer concert

cobbled street in Lubniewice

stained glass window in the church

the Priest's house and church in Lubniewice

lubniewice castle

Sunbathers on the beach

the lake in summer
















angielski w lubniewicach

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